Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a core component of our corporate strategy. As a group of companies, we aim to supply innovative products, technologies and services worldwide that contribute to the sustainable success of our customers.

I. Environmental & climate protection and energy efficiency are important corporate objectives

thyssenkrupp AG and its Group companies regard environmental and climate protection and the responsible use of energy and resources as important corporate objectives and part of our sustainable corporate strategy. The thyssenkrupp Group’s environmental and energy management system and operational environmental protection at the Group companies are subject to continuous improvement with the aim of minimizing environmental impact, conserving energy and resources and protecting the diversity of our natural habitat in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way.

II. We promote environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products and services

When developing new products and services, selecting suppliers and products in procurement processes and in our operating processes we ensure that all resultant environmental impacts and the use of energy and natural resources are kept to a minimum. We achieve this by setting and implementing our own targets for the environmental and energy-related performance of our Group companies and by cooperating closely with our customers and suppliers as well as with public and private institutions.

III. Environmental protection, energy efficiency and the conservation of resources is a task for everyone

Our managers and employees make an important contribution to environmental protection and the efficient use of energy and resources. Through regular training programs for our employees at all levels, an exchange of information with our contractual partners and the provision of the necessary resources, we motivate our managers, employees and contractual partners to play an active part in implementing our environmental and energy targets.

IV. We comply with our binding obligations

Our Group companies systematically identify the environment- and energy-relevant aspects of their activities, products and services, in particular in the areas of waste, recycling, air, noise, energy, climate, soil, water, nature conservation and biodiversity. In this context they also analyze environment- and energy-relevant risks and take measures to avoid problems in operations and processes that could negatively impact our environmental or energy performance. Through regular reviews we ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations and other requirements.

V. We conduct an open dialogue

To create transparency and a common understanding of our environmental and energy issues, we conduct a constructive and ongoing dialogue with our employees, customers, suppliers and other contractual partners, government institutions, nongovernmental organizations, pressure groups and the public.